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1998 B.F.A in Sculpture, Graduated College of Fine Arts,

Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

2001 M.F.A in Sculpture, Graduate School of Fine Arts,

Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea


Solo Exhibitions

2003 The 1st Solo Exhibition, <The Image of Time> (Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul)

2005 The 2nd Solo Exhibition, (Gallery Al, Seoul)

2009 The 3rd Solo Exhibition <gazing>, (Hanhyanglim Gallery , Paju)

2009 The 4th Solo Exhibition <gazing>, (kepco plaza Gallery , Seoul)

2011 The 5th Solo Exhibition <gazing>, (elga wimmer Gallery , NewYork)



2005 <the room> (Window gallery, Sejong Art Center, Seoul)


Group Exhibitions (selected)

2012 Fountain Art Fair (At Manhattan Armory Building, NewYork)

           White Wave Fund Raising exhibition at Tenri Gallery in Tenri Cultural Institute, NewYork)

2011 Art Gardenthe fun (Sejong Art Center, Seoul)

       GoodTime (Andong art Center, Andong)

2010 The Animal Museum, (Yesong Art Museum, Seoul )

        Homo Ludens, Man the Player, (Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Wanju)

        Korea-Japan Exhibition of Reconciliation & harmony

        the Korean Embassy at Tokyo- MI Gallery)

            Exhibition of Korea Arisoo Artist ( the Korean Embassy at ABU DHABI U.A.E )

        EWHA Sculpture Exhibition (kepco plaza Gallery , Seoul)

        UMOHA Exhibition (Myunsun Church, Suwon)

2009 Colorful Daegu Festival 2009, Sincheon Daebonggyo, Daegu

2008 Space Explorers (Soul Gallery, Beijing, China)

       Changwon Asian Art Festival (Sung-San Art Hall, Changwon)

       Imagination workshop-the story of our house (Gyeongnam Art        Museum)

          Art & the sea (National Museum of Contemporary Art ,Gwacheon)

2007 Project group Breathing Being yet Not Being.. (Sampyo Space, Ichon)

       Heyri Spring Art Festival -Drawing on Heyri (Heyri, Paju)

2006 <The Gallery next to the Park, the Zoo in the Gallery> (Suwon Art        Gallery)

       <art & cook> (Sejong Center, Seoul )

       EHS project (Sejong Center, Seoul )

2005 <Alice in Wonderland> (Sori Arts Center, Junju)

       <The Dream of Fish> (See&Sea Gallery, Pusan)

           The 4th Story of Small Room,<Spring>(Gallery cafe Bom, Gwacheon)

       Green Eleven <New look> (Sejong Center, Seoul)

       KPAM Art Fair (Seoul Art Center, Seoul )

      <Deep Place Alone> (Munhwa Ilbo gallery, Seoul )

       Ewha Scultors Association (Moran Gallery, Seoul)

2004 project group B <house warming> (Choheung Gallery, Seoul)

       Art in Life with Eleven supporting CJ (invited, Chosun Ilbo Museum,        Seoul)

2003 <the workshop of light> (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)

       project group B <real project><same difference> (Gallery Bim, Seoul)

2002 <City Garden-a artificial rest>(Deck Plaza, SejongCenter, Seoul)

       <woods, thinking, & art> (Moran Museum of Art, Gyeonggi)

        The 8th uttering exhibition of young artist ( Seoul Art Center )

2001 <A rest> (Sungkok Museum, Seoul)

        Project For the Blind <"Seeing( )"> (Seoul National School for the         Blind)

2000 The 1st Story of Small Room <Alice in Wonderland> (Alternative Space        in the Loop, Seoul)

       The 7th group B <herstory> (Dukwon Gallery, Seoul)

       Titanium exhibition <Ti-Story> (Gallery Simon, Seoul)

1999 <the Sensational squid> (Seokyoung Gallery, Seoul)

        Ewha Action Vision (Seoul Art Center, Seoul)



Sculpture park in Ceramic Expo Center, Kwangju

Seoul national University Bundang Hospital



Member of Ewha Sculptors Association, Sculpture group B,

Project Group Breathing